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Medicom Quattro Sterilization Self-Sealing Pouches

Saviklijai maišeliai su vidiniais ir išoriniais indikatoriais sterilizacijai. Pasirinkimuose nurodyti vidiniai maišelių išmatavimai...


Medicom Sterilization Reel

Užlydoma sterilizavimo juosta...


Dispotech sterilization roll

Dispotech makes disposable sterilization rolls, PERFECTO Sterilization Roll, produced in heavy paper and blue polyester/polypropylene film. The product is available in several sizes. Sterilization rolls are indicated for hygienic storage of bagged instruments, providing a safe containment that provides an effective sterilized environme..


Dispotech tray paper

Tray Paper, available in many colours, is a disposable, crinkled paper, permeable to steam and gas, with no chloride and dioxin. Tray paper is the ideal base for the aluminium trays commonly used in medical and dental studios worldwide. The product is realised with high quality materials and boasts great resistance: Tray Paper was de..

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