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Reso- pac periodontologinis tvarstis

Adhesive periodontal dressing based on cellulose. To be applied directly to wounds, sutures and pressure spots Keeps out bacteria and assists the healing process Remains up to 30 hours and is self dissolving Ideal for protection of wounds and sutures in implantology, periodontics, following extractions, in orthodontics and prosthodontic..


Atramat PGA

Chirurginiai siuvimo siūlai su adata...

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Atramat Nylon

Chirurginis nesirezorbuojantis siuvimo siūlas su pjaunančia adata.  ..


Mesoft sponges

Mesoft swabs and sponges are designed for a wide variety of different uses – including wound cleansing, absorption, protection, padding and disinfection. Unlike cotton gauze, they feel soft to touch. They can also absorb more liquid or exudates and release lower amounts of fibres into the wound than gauze. Made from a soft, nonwoven materi..


Roeko surgical aspirator

Roeko surgical aspirator 2,5mm..


Gelatamp Surgical Sundries

Gelatamp želatinos kempinėlės su koloidiniu sidabru yra biologiškai suderinamas produktas, skirtas gydymui po dantų šalinimo. Koloidinis sidabras turi baktericidinį, koaguliacinį ir homeostatinį poveikį, padeda gijimui. Dėl ilgalaikio antimikrobinio poveikio apsaugo nuo infekcijų. Apsaugo nuo pooperacinio kraujavimo. Apsaugo nuo antr..

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