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Ivoclar Vivadent Fluor Protector, fluoro lakas ampulėse

Fluor Protector is a protective varnish with fluoride. Because of its properties the varnish spreads easily and readily flows into complex surface structures. It dries quickly and shows excellent adhesion to teeth. Many years of clinical experience and numerous international studies confirm the effectiveness of Fluor Protector. Fluor Protector i..


Fissurit F silantas

Fissurit F is a white-coloured material for sealing fissures, available both as a liquid in bottles and in the VOCO NDT® syringe. NDT® stands for Non-Dripping Technology. The NDT® syringe delivers highly flowable materials such as Fissurit F without running or dripping, thereby considerably simplifying treatment of the patient’s fissures. Syringes ..

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