Dispotech disposable instant ice pack

Dispotech disposable instant ice pack

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Dispotech has designed and manufactures disposable instant ice pack Dispo ICE in two different versions, non-woven fabric and polythene. Using this disposable ice pack is easy: after pressing the middle of the pack, an instantaneous cooling process takes place (-4°C). At this point, you just have to lay the disposable ice pack on the harmed area to feel a sudden relief; limit the exposure to the ice to a maximum of 15 minutes, in order to prevent frostbites. Before using the disposable ice pack, be sure the area to treat has been cleaned.
Dispotech was the first to patent both the disposable instant ice packand the new -4°C formula which allows you to perform true cryotherapy.

The reusable ice packs are used when you need to perform cryotherapy. They are made of polythene, but Dispotech has also created an exclusive non-woven fabric covering for use on sensitive parts of the body.

Dispo ICE is a Class II a medical device, available with a bag that can be personalised.

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